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Cat hair is lonely people glitter.
Good Will Watching

Husband Poses for Maternity Photos After Wife Elects Not to
He’s positively glowing.
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For Grammatically Correct People »
A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.Gloria Steinem
My ASTT Family

      I’ll miss all the incredible women at ASTT. My initial reactions of them were, as I later realized, accurate but incomplete. These women have become my family over the course of these two months. Here’s my initial writing on Laurel, one of our case managers.

       Now Laurel is a cool mom. I say this as a statement of fact. Of course I snuck into her office on the first day while she was out and saw, hanging on her walls, pictures of her adorable children and hubby. I also may have eavesdropped on her later and overheard her speaking fluently in Nepali. Obviously I then forced her to explain how she got from California to Nepal. Turns out Laurel worked as a Peace Corps member in Nepal where she met her husband, a Nepali man, and the rest was history—a history filled with badass cross-cultural references and adorable children. Laurel works as a caseworker at ASTT. In the beginning, she explained to me the strength-based method that ASTT employs. She told me that her job is not to tell clients what needs to be done but rather to empower them, to help them find their innate inner power that will then, in turn, allow them to seek out opportunities for themselves. She is the enemy of pity and the champion of compassion. She is a cool mom. BUT she does put some limitations on her coolness. After urbandictionary-ing the word “ratchet” (after I, of course, used it in a sentence) she decided that some types of cool just aren’t meant for moms.    

Only Time Being a Human is OK



The only time I will be happy to see a human instead of a cat…if they show up at my door as Gene Parmesan pretending to be an idiot holding balloons.

When the lights come on at the end of a night in a club…

That’s when I know it’s time for me to leave. I look terrible in lighting.


Probably One Of The Best Pick Up Lines Ever »

And I’d end up thinking I nailed it that day, only to end up being moderately dissatisfied in retrospect.